Local Guides

Local Guide: a comprehensive listings or group offering valuable insights into the area's attractions, dining options, shopping venues, local farmers markets, and more.

Local guides simplify the process of discovering and engaging with our community's offerings. They serve as a bridge between the hidden gems and popular spots, helping locals and visitors alike make the most of their time in Statesville.

Uncover lesser-known activities, explore diverse culinary delights, or support local businesses.

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These guides are for the community! If you find information that is missing or incomplete, or if you are a business owner and would like to claim your free directory listing to be able to update your information for this and future guides, please complete our CONTACT Us Form here.

We Are Statesville, NC

Scupper-what?Scupper-what? Repeat after us: "Scup-per-nong." Don't forget that final "n"—the word rhymes with "song”. Today we want to share with you...
Serenity At Stony Point Alpacas“Every animal on this farm has a story,” Javi Chavez says with a smile on his face. “We’re here to tell those stories.” Javi and his wif...
Statesville's own Canterbury Tale - The Story Continues Gloria Hager, the proud owner of GG's Art, Frames and Gifts, has a deep-rooted passion for retail that has kept her going strong for hal...