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This weekly show brings you the pulse of Statesville, recording live at various spots throughout Statesville, and in partnership with So Media Studios. Join Richard and Cindy as they uncover the hidden gems and local treasures that make Statesville truly special. From the top notch attractions and exciting events to the remarkable individuals who shape the community, Discover Statesville promises to leave no stone unturned. Hungry for a culinary adventure? Tune in for their delightful restaurant reviews where they will guide you the best places to eat in town. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, this show is your ultimate guide to all things that make Statesville great. You're invited to come along on this immersive journey as Discover Statesville brings you closer to the heart of our vibrant town. Be prepared to be entertained, inspired, and enlightened each week as Richard and Cindy share their passion for all things Statesville.

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