What Secrets do the Streets of Downtown Statesville Hold?

Step into the mysterious past of Statesville and uncover the haunting tale of Riley Fitzpatrick. Riley, a skilled blacksmith with a soft spot for horses, found himself accused of crimes he swore he'd never commit. Despite his good deeds and loyalty to equine companions, fate dealt him a cruel hand, leading to a punishment that forever changed him.

Accused of horse theft not once, but twice, Riley faced brutal consequences in an era where justice was swift and merciless. Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged as a group of supporters conspired to save him from the gallows. Their plan to fake his hanging took an unexpected turn, leaving Riley's spirit fractured and his fate uncertain.

Now, wander the shadowy alleys and dimly lit streets of Statesville, where sightings of a spectral figure clad in a bandana and hat still send shivers down spines. Is it Riley's lost spirit, forever trapped in a realm between the living and the dead? Join us on the Haunted Statesville Ghost Tours and delve into the chilling tale of Riley Fitzpatrick, a man whose past continues to haunt the present. Dare to peer into the abyss of history and unlock the secrets that lie within.

To hear more about Riley and other legends and lore, join us on The Haunted Statesville Ghost Tour. The Historic Sharpe House Players take you on a guided tour through Downtown Statesville and tell the untold stories from the beyond. The Haunted Statesville Ghost Tours are available on select Saturdays throughout the year and are provided to you thanks to Downtown Statesville Development Corporation, The Historic Sharpe House, The Sharpe House Historic Players and the City of Statesville. Click here for more information and tickets.

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